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Some from my personal collection, which has been growing at a very slow pace, I hope to rectify that soon.


Here’s the test model for a client that looks like it will be leading to a full blown army.

It’s been a long time but I’m back at it.  I’ve actually been so buried under work that the thought of dealing with miniatures when I didn’t have to was quite unsavory.  But now I am feeling a bit invigorated and back at it with some gusto.

Hopefully a slew of photos and projects will be following this……

I did this up for the organizers of one of the big Warmachine/Hordes tournaments that we have here in the GVRD at the Salute Convention.  This prize will be awarded to the person who has the dubious honor of coming in last place at the event.


It has been awhile since an update, but they should be coming fast and furious now as I settle into a few months worth of full-time contract work, you’ll be seeing alot of Lord of the Rings models and GW daemons, intermixed with Infinity and Hordesmachine models.

To get it all rolling here is a Dire Troll Mauler I did for a local, he wanted a darker scheme and I think turned out pretty good, I would have liked the blends to be a bit smoother on the back, but this is just tabletop quality, not a showpiece, so I don’t have have the time to spend hours and hours blending it super smooth.  On a side note this model is probably half putty due to the crappy joins on this model….

This is for one of the clients who took me up on my $150 lesser warlock and beast deal,  Brun and Lug done up in the searforge scheme from the Superiority Warmachine Book.   I’ve done a full Searforge army in this scheme and I hope to get pictures of the rest of the army up soon.

My first model completed for our local three-month painting challenge, hopefully I do better than I did last time at completing the list.

Way back in the day I did some work for a game called VOID, produced by a now defunct company called I-kore(which I never got paid for grrrr….due to the collapse of the company, or at least thats what I was told). 

Urban Mammoth bought them up, and for some reason felt the need to trash all of these sculpts and do new ones, so for those who still play the Urban Mammoth games with them(Metropolis, Urban War), here are the Koralon models that never made it to production.  All of these are from the master molds and as far as I know only myself and a few other people have these.  If anyone is interested in them I could part with them for pretty much what I-kore techically still owes me for the paint job + shipping(I’d even finish off the spider tank!).

Here are a few solos I finished for a client that I feel turned out pretty well, Dirty Meg’s “dirt” doesn’t really translate very well in the photos, it loses it’s oily sheen and looks quite flat.  On the actual miniature it looks alot more like different colored oily substances.

Here are some pictures of my unit of bog trogs that I like to run with my Legion army.  I love these models and stayed close to the studio paint job as the natual greens and ochres really suit these models.